Significant recent national/international legal news:

11/13/19:    SCOTUS hears pleadings regarding authority of the Trump administration to terminate the DACA program.

​11/12/19:    SCOTUS allows Sandy Hook lawsuit to proceed, turning down a request by Remington Arms Co., a gun manufacturer, to block a lawsuit brought against the company by the families of the victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook shootings, in which 20 first graders and six school employees were killed. The plaintiffs allege that Remington, which makes the assault rifle used in the attack, violated Connecticut unfair-trade-practices laws by selling and marketing the rifle to civilians.

Representative recent JREPC assignments:

08/15/19:    JREPC advises closely-held Boulder company with regard to efficacy of employee non-compete agreement for executives and lower-level employees.

07/15/19:    JREPC advises Boulder software company with regard to equity incentives (i.e., stock/phantom stock/MIUs).

05/01/19:    JREPC advises non-profit (a 501(c)(3)) in member-approved Bylaws revisions and Board of Trustees transition to self-directed organization.

09/15/18:    JREPC represents Colorado dentist in sale of her professional practice.​

09/01/18:    JREPC restructures sales and service documentation for telecommunications business unit.

08/01/18:    JREPC, acting as co-counsel, finalizes all debt instruments with regard to the acquisition by client of a competitive business unit.

06/01/18:    JREPC advises Boulder non-profit with regard to conversion to a for-profit entity.

05/01/18:    JREPC advises former principal of client (a Colorado food products company) with regard to post-closing liability and tax obligations.

04/01/18:    JREPC advises client with regard to entity dissolution, post-closing product liability and warranty obligations.